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The Final Straw

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This one has been evolving for months with various riffs and progressions from both Kirby and Sned mashing together. Keyboards added at the intro to add some atmospherics.

The middle portion was thrashed out in rehearsals and recorded months ago. The into section was recorded by Kirby and then Budgie added the drums, initially the drums were programmed on Sonar.

The end section was recorded a couple of months after the first two and has been evolving into what it is now. Is this a folly, possibly, but it was something that needed to be done.

The lyrics are alienation, depression, misery, pain, futility................................


Running away, from the grey and the black
Hurrying on, as there’s no turning back
Helped onto the highway, of no return
Tearing my soul, as it starts to burn

Day turns to night and the sky is all cloud
Enveloping me, it feels like a shroud
Whispers from nowhere, can clearly be heard
Or is it imaginings, inside my head

Stunned by the silence of long ago
Past indiscretions beginning to show
Pain in the memories brought on by sleep
Fear is the fire that burns so deep

Pushing the limits, of what can be done
Learning to walk, but I’m trying to run
Need to find something, that’s not well defined
No time to loose, as I’m loosing my mind

The final straw breaks,it breaks my back
I'm shouting at shadows and they're answering back
Down in the depths, of darkness and pain
All of my being, is drowned in the rain

Who did the lie sting
What did the truth bring
Where are the last stones
Dropped onto my bones
Who called the last post
What will I miss most
Where will the end come
Beat out the last drum

Dragging the chains made
By all that was said
Dragged into blackness
Ending of all stress