From the recording The Final Straw

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Nothing Goes Forward

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This is from a completed demo by Kirby. Originally it was going to be an instrumental, but when the Final Straw began to ever expand, I decided to write some lyrics for it. It pays a wee homage to Thin Lizzy in there, as we are sometimes compared to them, guitar wise.


Beaten and broken in the ways of the past
No-one and nothing good can ever last
Attacks from all sides dressed up as progress
Knowing full well that nothing means less

Nothing goes forward, how can this still be
Have no resistance, as it all falls on me
The cost of it all is crushing the life
Brings on the need, to fall on the knife

The spider who weaves, the web of deceit
Tasting the bitter sting drenched in defeat
No purpose left only points in the past
Knowing full well, that nothing good lasts

Progress designed for the end of all sense
Hidden in clothes for those on the fence
Blinded by promises of good things to come
Fully designed to keep us all numb