1. The Mirror

From the recording The Final Straw

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The Mirror

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This is from a completed demo by Kirby. This is a bluesy number with a fair bit of riffing and twin guitar thrown in to the mix. We tried it a varying tempos and eventually settled on this.


Searching for kindness
In an uncaring world
Searching for passion
In a story once told
Tomorrows future
Is fading away
Nothing is left
There’s only today

The sadness and anger will never mend
Can’t change the feeling it’s all going to end
Dark clouds are present and will always stay
Born into a climate of constant decay

A house full of pain
In a city of hate
Fall in to the trap
That’s lying in wait
Shatter the glass
Of the mirror inside
That reflects the fact
There’s nowhere to hide

Downtrodden and beaten
With nothing to gain
Sadness and grief
Forged from the pain
Gasping for air
As the chains drag you down
Hurled into oblivion
Without making a sound