1. The Wall

From the recording The Final Straw

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The Wall

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The tune on this one is from Sned. The only bit that really changed in rehearsal was the solo section. A nice mellow wee arpeggio riff for the verse, with a heavier chorus.

The lyrics are about the futility of the working classes limited choices, "cannon fodder or factory floor", regardless of the working environment. Do we actually have choices or are they all made for us?


Can’t you see the writing on the wall
Now you’re ready to take the fall
It was put there long before you were born
Twisted and ugly and written in scorn

It’s written in the blood you will bleed
It set you up for the life you will lead
No escape from the future set out in the stone
You’re cannon fodder or factory drone

It makes no difference what you try and do
They’re never ever going to let go of you
There’s no way out of their stupid race
You’re stuck inside this dead end place

They’ve got to keep you sitting here
They fill your mind with dread and fear
Can’t have you questioning what they do
They have to keep total control of you