1. Zero Hours

From the recording The Final Straw

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Zero Hours

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This is from a completed demo by Kirby. A good old blues boogie, nothing more to say really.

The lyrics are about the alienation of the poor, the disabled and the unemployed. Who are being blamed for the Capitalist crisis and are being portrayed as workshy. We have suddenly reverted to Victorian values of the undeserving and deserving poor.

The Working class and the poor are now paying the price for the crisis in Capitalism. A crisis of Capital has been turned on its head and is now a crisis of wages and welfare.


Undeserving poor take heed
You caused a crisis in the land
We know there are no jobs
But really we have to make a stand
You can’t work, so we will make you
It makes us appear to care
About the middle class ideals
It’s them we really need to scare

Slackers lying in bed beware
The poor house is around the corner
You’ll work for free or zero hours
Because we’ve got all the power

If you’ve no food go to the bank
No, not the one with all the cash
We don’t care if you can’t eat
How could you have been so rash
To loose your job just because of more pay
It was too much for the company
Now you’ll have to work for nothing
Just to justify all your money