1. No Sleep

From the recording The Final Straw

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No Sleep

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Sned wrote the lyrics and turned up at rehearsal and threw down the gauntlet to Kirby, to come up with a riff to fit in between the sung lines. The riff and the chorus came fairly quickly and before the end of that rehearsal the song was more or less complete. Plenty of scope for a guitar wig out :-)


Wake cold up in the middle of the night
Something wrong nothing’s going right
Get no sleep as I toss and turn
I’ve got too much energy to burn

Trying hard to work it out in my head
If you can't do living you must be dead
All the time the thoughts in my head
If you can't do living you must be dead

So I slip out of bed put my feet on the floor
Try to be quiet as I head out the door
Move on down to the kitchen room
Have a drink sleep ain't coming soon

Have my drink I don't make a sound
Trying to find some common ground
Taking my time to think it through
Can’t find answers you want me too

Get off my chair and stand on the floor
Go back upstairs to my bedroom door
Push the handle and I hear it creak
Still haven’t found the answers I seek

Back in bed I close my eyes
Still thinking about all the lies
Taking my time to get off to sleep
Before falling over into the deep