1. Left Right

From the recording The Final Straw

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Left Right

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This is from a completed demo by Kirby. The siren and the intro was added after the initial recording of the main song. A heavy octave riff and break, with a very punky verse section. It actually starts with a repeated chorus and the verse comes in where you would expect the chorus to be. This is currently our live opener, with a different intro.

The lyrics are pretty self explanatory I think. Left, right tow the line, not in a political left/right way, but the control on our lives is almost militaristic. Neo-Liberal capitalism is winning and we the 99% are loosing. Control and surveillance, is the norm. Consumerism is bleeding us dry.


Left right, tow the line
Up down, ask how high
Charge now, sign on the line
Buy now, there’s no time

Foolish little people not a care in the world
Blinkered and cushioned with nothing to hold
Buy into the programme you’ve been force fed
They give unto you a fix of your daily bread

Block out the meaning of all that you hear
Numb in the notion you’ve nothing to fear
If you’ve nothing to hide what harm can it do
Tell yourself that as they’re coming for you

I must go and get the latest new thing
My life has no meaning unless the tills ring
I must have it all or my life is not worth it
You have bought into all of the bullshit