From the recording Do What You're Told

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Words by Kirby

Music By The Other Side


What do you see when you turn out the light
What do you feel in the dead of the night
Does your past flash before you, do see your mistakes
When you regret the actions you’ve happened to take.

A life time of worry and of doing the wrong thing
Listening to others, keep out of the ring
Following orders never asking a question
Hiding yourself and your own imperfections

A dozen different stories, a dozen different lands
Lots of different dead end jobs, money in the hand
Living in the fast lane, with money enough to burn
Climbed the corporate ladder, I’d nothing left to learn

A 4 bedroom mortgage, 2 cars in the drive
Living every others dream, but never felt alive
I gave it up for nothing, just sea views and a van
Doing what I wanted to, and now I never plan