From the recording Do What You're Told

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Words by Kirby

Music by The Other Side


Everything changed, can’t stay the same
System is broken, apportions the blame
What will you do, what will you say
No going back, to what was before
The state never worked for us
The worker and poor
You just accept and knuckle down

Change can come if can combine
A system for us is on the line
They’re massing their forces for after it ends
Expecting the masses to make just amends

Ten years of cuts already accepted
To pay for the crash, that was predicted
Was it your fault, were you to blame
Why just sit back and let them reign
Why is it us that takes all the blame
Time to fight back, raise the red flag

Change has to come, can’t take the blame
Stand up for ourselves, our hide in shame
None for all, all for some
We have one chance, to take back control
Once in a lifetime, to break their hold
We must unite, if we’re not lost