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Last weekend I was down in London for The People's Assembly recall meeting. I was a delegate for both the Fife and the Scottish People's Assembly. It was so good to  see so many other working class activists, who are trying to make a difference. I was at an independence debate on Wednesday night in Clydebank, it was very sublime and a strange mix of views. Of course I couldn't help but stick my oar in and stir it up a bit. Tomorrow 3 of us are off to Glasgow for an anti fascist demo, so a wee day out for The Other Side.

Anyhoo, enough of the politics, on to the music. We had a great rehearsal last week and worked out the live arrangements for the new songs. We are trying to organise a gig for mid June, so we can try out the new songs on an audience.

Recording wise, we have 3 songs almost complete apart for mastering and intend to start recording a couple of others this Sunday. The epic is still going through some working out issues, but now that we have the live version, it is just a matter of working out and adding all the embellishments  the recorded version. I still think we might write one more song, but that will have to wait a wee bit. Dead line for the new album end of the year latest, but hopefully by Autumn.

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