How long has it been?

Although we have been very quiet on the blog front, we have not been stagnating. It is just that the politics have taken over a wee bit oiver the past few months.

But we have 2 gigs coming up the first is for a Cancer Charity and the second is for a new local project, "Positive Revolution" in Leven.

At the gig in Leven the Positive Revolution team organise a speaker to cover an aspect of local politics or interest. At this one as well as playing, Kirb y is giving a talk on Underground Coal Gasification. A process that is planned to take place under our very feet.

Here is part of Kirby's reasoning:

So they are going to close Longannet early. I wonder why? They say it’s because it lost out on a new contract to a gas powered plant in the Peterhead.

What brilliant timing this all is for the proponents of Fracking and UCG.

The timing of this when Fracking and UCG are under continual attack, from local communities. When INEOUS are on a charm offensive. It all stinks of Methane and the burning of underground coal to me.

We are continually being told that we are “running out of energy” and that we are in danger of “the lights going out”. So why are they allowing a plant with a generating capacity of 2,400 megawatts, which is the highest of any power station in Scotland, to close?

What is the governments take on this, major loss of energy supply and the very well paid jobs, both within the plant and through its subcontract and supply chain?

“Fergus Ewing welcomed the award of the contract to SSE's Peterhead power station, but said he was disappointed at the premature closure of Longannet.”

What are the other reasons given? Well John Swinney said this morning, “It’s because of the punitive transmission costs of connecting to the grid”. If that is the case then surely a plant in Peterhead will have the same “punitive costs”, or even greater costs as it is even further from London and the South East. So I find it hard to understand that logic.

It apparently costs Longannet £40 million to connect to the grid. Whereas plants in the South East are subsidised and paid to generate electricity. Not very fair I hear you scream. But Scottish Power have a station in Brighton, one in Kent and one in Hertfordshire, all of which must surely be subsidised.

So what is this closure really about? It has nothing to do with the generation of electricity, but is all about the generation of profit as usual. Heaven forfend that a privateering energy company, that is continually generating millions in profit, should feel obliged to maintain a plant for another 4 years, by dipping into its own profits.

Of course I personally, would nationalise the lot of them, but then I am of the “loony left”, that believes in public ownership.

John Swinney when asked on Radio Scotland this morning has dismissed re-nationalising the plant, because it is not now and has never been part of their plan.
The biggest worry is that Fergus Ewing, prior to this announcement, has already detailed plans to build another Gas Powered plant in central Scotland.

Again I state, what brilliant timing this all is for the proponents of Fracking and UCG.

I can already see the Fracking and UCG wells being drilled now as we sit back and are fed the usual lies from all quarters.

The politicians of all the main parties, apart from the Greens I suppose, are in reality pro UGE. Yes some will say we need to investigate all the implications and make sure all the safe guards and regulations are in place before we commit.

At least the Tories are up front about it and say they support and want UGE. The rest of them just spout bullshit. Labour and the Libdems in my view are pro UGE. And some people really need to remove the tartan glasses when viewing the SNP’s take, as they are as Pro UGE as the rest of them, going by the responses I have had from MSP’s.

At no time have I had a single response from any SNP, Labour, Libdem MSP or MP, that clearly stated that they were totally opposed to UGE. (And I have contacted them all) It’s all about moratoriums and ensuring proper safe guards and regulations are in place before proceeding. Proceeding being the operative word here.

Well I can see it coming. They are all lining themselves up to ensure that UGE goes ahead, no matter what.

Profit before people has always been the mantra and there is no change here, no matter what particular party or nation you are aligned with. Wake up people, I can see it coming, can you?

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