About time too

We have not disappeared, we have just been in hiding. Due to recording for the new album and various political and anti austerity protests and work, oh, and a piss up last week, we have been a wee bit quiet on the information front.

The new album is moving on and after our gig a couple of weeks ago, we have a surprise gig this Sunday in Glenrothes. There after it is continuing with the recording for the new album. We have 3 songs 90% complete, just need final mastering. We have the drums complete for all the others apart from the latest epic. This one we are recording in sections due to the length of the thing. The drums are recorded for the mid section. We will complete the drums for the end section next week.

Work will begin on the artwork over the next month and updating the site with the song info etc.

Hopefully we will have this album complete by October/November. Although there are a couple of trips to London to fit in and a few more protests and meetings to attend.

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