Happy New Year

Happy new year to one and all.

Haven't posted for a while due to political work taking up a huge amount of my time and working on demo's for the new songs. Have just completed a demo of a new…

What are we doing?

Well, we have decided that the gigging treadmill is off the list for now. No more trapesing around prostituting ourselves to the masses. Not until at least next Mrch/April. (unless some gig comes up we could not possibly turn down)…

Next album

Well that's us off the gigging treadmill for a wee bit, unless of course something comes up we just can't turn down. We don't intend gigging unti lnext March at the earliest.

We are going to start the recording process…

New stuff

Have been working on some new tunes and have mailed them to the others for our rehearsal tomorrow. Just came up with this one. A bit of a departure, or maybe the start of a 20 minute epic. Who knows?

It's been a long time

It's been a wee while since I updated the blog. Between gigging in Fife last month and all the political stuff I am involved in at the moment, time just flew past me. We haven't rehearesed for a couple of…

Fife here we come

Well, I have been a bit busy with other things of a political nature over the last few weeks and the music has been put on hold.

But next month we have 3 gigs coming up, and strangely for us…


We had a wondefull time at PIVO PIVO on Saturday for Rhona and Kelly's wedding celebration. Our good freinds The Coffins were on superb form. Check out some pictures taken by Ronnie Refin

Onwards now to Balliter next Friday…

Gigging time

We have a wee spell of live work coming up over the next few weeks. First up we are at PJ Molloys in Dunfermline this Wednesday, it will be good to meet up with some of our local support. Then…

Free EP

I have just uploaded a free EP I have produced. It is a solo effort with Budgie supplying the Drums. Go and get a free download from the music store. We had a great night last Friday in Edinburgh and…

Gigging again

After spending six months doing the new album and now working on an EP it's been a wee while since we actually got out there and played live. Last night we were invited to a new venue in Edinburgh, by…

EP update

The 4 new songs for our EP are pretty much arranged now. Have lyrics for two of them one might end up an instrumental and writing lyrics for the last one. Stay tuned. I have attached a very copy of…

Might do an EP

Another song is in the making, that makes 4 new songs. We are thinking of releasing an EP this time. We are planning on concentrating on these 4 new tunes to get them arranged and then recorded. Can't seem to…