Other Stuff 

Last weekend I was down in London for The People's Assembly recall meeting. I was a delegate for both the Fife and the Scottish People's Assembly. It was so good to  see so many other working class activists, who are trying to make a difference. I was at an independence debate on Wednesday night in Clydebank, it was very sublime and a strange mix of views. Of course I couldn't help but stick my oar in and stir it up a bit. Tomorrow 3 of us are off to Glasgow for an anti fascist demo, so a wee day out for The Other Side.

Anyhoo, enough of the politics, on to the music. We had a great rehearsal last week and worked out the live arrangements for the new songs. We are trying to organise a gig for mid June, so we can try out the new songs on an audience.

Recording wise, we have 3 songs almost complete apart for mastering and intend to start recording a couple of others this Sunday. The epic is still going through some working out issues, but now that we have the live version, it is just a matter of working out and adding all the embellishments  the recorded version. I still think we might write one more song, but that will have to wait a wee bit. Dead line for the new album end of the year latest, but hopefully by Autumn.

Gigging soon 

We have just completed the arrangements for 7 brand new songs. We will working on these for our new live set and will continue to record for the new album. We hope to out gigging again within the next 2 months.

Album 4 continues to grow. 

We were locked away all day last Sunday recording and working on new songs. Another one has been started with the drums, bass and rhythm guitar sorted. And the start of another epic, at least 10 minutes long. Locked away again today recording. The long one is getting longer and I will be experimenting with some synth sounds next week. This one could end up at 20 minutes (hee hee hee). Another new rocky type thing started as well. Busy, busy, busy.

Album four 

We were locked away all day Sunday recording and working on new songs. Another one has been started with the drums, bass and rhythm guitar sorted. And the start of another epic, of at least 10 minutes long in the planning.

Happy New Year Podcast

Happy new year to one and all.

Haven't posted for a while due to political work taking up a huge amount of my time and working on demo's for the new songs. Have just completed a demo of a new one called Left, Right. Sending it out to the band tonight as it has the arrangement sorted but we still need to work on an intro for it. But it sounds bloody marvelous. I have attached a wee preview of a bit from the middle. More soon.

  1. Left, Right

What are we doing? Podcast

Well, we have decided that the gigging treadmill is off the list for now. No more trapesing around prostituting ourselves to the masses. Not until at least next Mrch/April. (unless some gig comes up we could not possibly turn down)

So what are we going to do?

Recording, recording, recording and writing new music. We have 3 complete songs, 2 tunes and at least 3 embreos. So we will be concentrating on album number four.

From there we will be working on a new live set, that only has new songs as part of it.

Lots of work and lots of hard graft to come. Feels like a new begining to me.

  1. Atmos

Next album 

Well that's us off the gigging treadmill for a wee bit, unless of course something comes up we just can't turn down. We don't intend gigging unti lnext March at the earliest.

We are going to start the recording process of album number four. We already have five new songs and a few embryo ideas floating around.

We intend to completely rejig our live set next year and only do the newer songs we are working on. (When will be gone at last says Kirby)

You can help us out by actually buying some of our music, go on, it is actually no too bad.

It's been a long time 

It's been a wee while since I updated the blog. Between gigging in Fife last month and all the political stuff I am involved in at the moment, time just flew past me. We haven't rehearesed for a couple of weeks and now it's time to re-focus on the music.

Today we will be back working on the 4 new songs we have and then deciding on where we go from here.

I am starting to become jaded with the whole gigging fiasco that is so prevelant in Scotland at the moment. We need to recharge the batteries work on new music, publisise our last album more than we have. I still think it's the best thing we have achaived musiccally so far. Due to our own lethargy we have not done enough to spread the word on it.

So it's onwards and upwards.

Fife here we come 

Well, I have been a bit busy with other things of a political nature over the last few weeks and the music has been put on hold.

But next month we have 3 gigs coming up, and strangely for us they are all in our own back yard. The first is at The Windsor in Kirkcaldy a first for us there. Then we are off to West Fife Enterprise for the West Fest, a fundraiser for my work. With Echo Arcadia and SO4.  Lastly we play at Monty's in Dunfermline, again a first time, and a 2 hour set. Bloody hell it's like buses, you can't get a gig in Fife, then 3 turn up at the same time.