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The Final Straw
Genre: Blues/ Classic Rock

Before I commence with this review I would like to personally thank The Other Side for sending me their new album for reviewing; it always brings me a huge sense of satisfaction and achievement to be contacted by bands, especially when I receive wonderful music because of it, much like the excellent Rock that can be located on this album. Although ‘The Final Straw’ is only seven tracks long, don’t let this fact deceive you into believing that this album is short as, the impressive and notable length of every song present collaborates to make this album a staggering 50-minute venture through valleys of Blues and realms of Classic Rock.

A glistening example of how The Other Side manage to use a Blues tinged environment to propel the adrenaline of the album can be vividly observed in the opening track, ‘Left Right’. Vocals which possess an acute splash of Killing Joke in the background add a strong flavour of conviction and purpose to this amazing Blues Rock experience.

‘Left Right’ was a fair demonstration of the vocal, coordination and stamina skills of The Other Side, ‘No Sleep’ however, seems to emanate a stronger glare of the bands song writing abilities and talent for executing fluent and appropriate guitar solos. As the album progresses the pace and tempo moves in a parallel fashion with ‘Zero Hours’ and ‘The Mirror’ providing an immense injection of energy straight to the core of ‘The Final Straw’.

‘Nothing Goes Forward’ is handed with the difficult task of preparing the audience for the mammoth of a closing ceremony which is the 19-minute behemoth of a Blues marathon that is the title track, ‘The Final Straw’. For almost 20 minutes, The Other Side use ‘The Final Straw’ to demonstrate their incredible talent as this song flows and weaves from one Rock based atmosphere to another but, all the while maintaining the same air of professionalism throughout. The first three minutes are filled with blissful Blues guitar harmonies before evolving into a Pink Floyd influenced Classic Rock song teeming with character and presence before giving way to an instrumental section led by the sound of great guitar play.

If you ever find yourself with 50 minutes’ spare, I seriously recommend that you give this album a listen as there are so many different styles and tempos covered that it is virtually impossible to not be impressed by at least one of these songs. All-in-all, this a good album by a promising band.

Review Rating: 8
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Come the revolution I wouldn't mind seeing a berserker riding into battle on behalf of the people to the accompaniment of The Other Side being blasted out as the call to arms.
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the perfect closer to what's been a completely faultless album, one that any fan of vintage rock and blues-rock taken kicking and screaming into the 21st century, is going to love and relish for years to come.
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'Anger Is A Gift' opens in a very ZZ Top mode, but once again displays the band's love of anarcho-punk, particularly in its venomous lyric, and the song is blessed with a series of stunning, bluesy solos.
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