Can You See it Coming

From July 2012. The starting riff, verse and chorus were the original parts. We added the middle 8 part from a riff that was earmarked for another song. We changed the main riff slightly from the original and at the end to make the end flow a bit better. This is currently our live closer.

The time has come to close servers
And climb behind your wall
No more changing of the old guard
The hammer soon will fall
The iron fist is rising
The dogs of war let loose
They won’t hold back on anger
They’re tightening the noose

Can you see it coming
When things are truly bleak
They're building up the bonfires
Can’t your taste the reek

They must protect their precious lies
So the truth it never catches
Hate and war closes in on you
They batten down the hatches
Fear is rising in their hearts
They send their out secret spies
They are looking for dissenters
They can see it in your eyes

The lyrics are pretty self explanatory I think. Can you see it coming? I can see where the Capitalist dream is heading.


Reap the reward

This tune is from mine and Sneds ancient past, that was never recorded, that we decided to resurrect. The verse and chorus is as we used to do the tune but we have added the chord run at the end of the chorus and at the end of the tune for this version. We also developed the end solo part to give it some dynamics with some harmonised guitar thrown into the mix as well. 

Chained to the past in an obscure way
What’s gone before is a world away
Our Demons await in the shadowy places
Endless nightmares are etched in our faces

Fooled into thinking everything’s fine
Hurtling towards the end of our time
Brought to a close in the blink of and eye
No longer listening or wanting to try

Ignoring everything all that’s around
Step over the bodies that lie on the ground
Usurpers of nature and mother earth
Selfish and greedy we only bring death

Destroying the world and all it resources
It’s served up to us in various courses
No thought of the future and what is to come
As long as we have enough money to burn

The lyrics are about the human race's apparent need to self destruct. As a race we are on a headlong course to oblivion. We wage continual wars on each other, devour every resource we come in contact with, with no thought of our children and grandchildrens future. The Neo Liberal Capatilist dream is turning into a nightmare.

June 2012 from a completed demo. A hooky rhythm for the verse with a nice heavey riff for the chorus. This went through a few arrangement changes but we settled on this arrangement for the album. Live the arrangement is changed a bit with more of an intro added.

Lay down beside me
With the sun on our faces
Looking for answers
And a move to new places
Is this fact or fiction
I can’t quite decide
Deep down in my soul
Are thoughts I can’t hide

Foolish fighting to keep a brave face
Sounds in the air to brighten the race
Falling and failing to keep on the track
Send out signals to never look back

The sound of the ocean
Is the rhythm I hear
Push back the water
It makes it all clear
I found my Atlantis
Not far from the shore
Awakens within me
A yearning for more

A very upbeat song for me but the lyrics were sort of decided by the tune. Once again my fasination with the sea and surfing is in there and i'm always looking for answers and falling flat on my face.


2012 from a completed demo. Heavy riff for the main verse etc and a nice bluesy speeded up shuffle for the chorus.

What the fuck, were thinking
What the fuck, is the point
Dropping in a new phase
Can’t even see the joint

Sightless and senseless Ignorant and cruel
Break out the new day Acting the fool
Dreams of tomorrow Chained to the past
Look to the future Nothing will last

What the fucks the difference
Where the fucks the change
Fooling no one with it
It’s all so fucking strange

Apathy, apathy, apathy all around. This one is angry and aimed at the con/dems, as I can't see what will possibly cause the population to wake up and take notice and even ask for change. Accept the shit thrown at you at your peril.

The Silence
From a completed demo September 2012. This was going on my solo EP at one point. It was faster than this and had different lyrics. The changes from the original is the end section and the guitar solo. We tried to get a Bluesy feel to the song with a bit of a Rock wig out at the end.

Sun wrapped warmth on a cloudless day
Pillows of breeze to wash my sole away
Fading to dusk and starry skies
Emerging lights to blind your eyes

The silence in here is deafening to me
Shadows of dreams are all that I see
Soft is breathe from inside your chest
Hard is the heart that beats in my breast

Vapour trails cut the vision in two
Turn round to see and I find only you
Rising on currents the breeze in your hair
I turn back around but no one is there

Falling through colours and then black and white
Open my eyes and I see only night
One turn to the other lost in a maze
Caught in the glare of a shadowy haze

My attempt at a love song, failed again, but I quite like the lyrics as they turned out, nice and dark with a hint of despair.

The Arena

June 2012 The main verse riff is actually from another tune we were working on. We decided the riff was so good it needed to be a song on it's own. We added the chorus a new bridge and end section.
A nice dark riff
for the verse and chorus.

They’re on the loose
They’re hunting for prey
It’s the biggest thing yet
In a very long way
Sort out the weak
Ignore the strong
Looking for victims
It wont take too long

Into the arena
Filled with the tools
To take all they ask for
Not burdened with rules

Run like a rabbit
Get deep under ground
Hide from the hunters
Make sure you’re not found
They only want blood
To maim and to kill
This is the new sport
To give out a thrill

Out in open
Now nowhere to hide
Press their advantage
To give them false pride
Fear fuelled and helpless
Caught in the glare
Fooled into moving
Into their lair

Not really sure where these came from, just sort of fell onto the page.

Foundation of Greed
From a completed demo August 2012. The whole arrangement and structure was complete on the demo, so this version was recorded exactly as per the demo. At some points there are 4 guitars harmonising, as well as 2 rhythm guitars. Over the top maybe, but we don't care.

It’s coming again, another crash
They’ve already hidden of all their cash
Buying up gold, and selling their stocks
They’ll go back to hiding under their rocks

It’s a global downturn with more cuts in store
No need to worry It’s the weak and the poor
Is this all for real or my imagination
This current financial situation

Built on a foundation of greed and corruption
Designed to cause maximum disruption
It’s all well hidden away from the news
Buying and selling the ruling class views

The government has been bought and sold
They now only do whatever their told
Old school chums patting each others back
Because they all know there will be no attack

This is about the whole manufactured austerity measures that the working people of most western countries are being forced to endure. The poor are being penalised whilst the rich are receiving tax cuts and bonuses. It only goes to prove who the governments really represent, it is not the 99% that's for sure.